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Information For Parents

This page provides an overview of a typical PVYS soccer season.  Whether you are new to our youth soccer league in general or moving up a division, this is the place to start.

Parent Code of Conduct


  • See Available Programs for information on how to register your child for Penns Valley Youth Soccer.


  • The number of teams depends on the number of volunteer coaches.
  • See Volunteer Opportunities for information on how to volunteer to be a coach.

Team Selection

  • Coaches meet and select players for their team. Coaches attempt to balance teams based on player age and experience.
  • After the Board has reviewed and approved the results of Team Selection, your child's coach will notify you and provide you with information such as how to contact the coach, the date and time of Field Setup Day, the date of the first practice and other important dates.

Field Setup / Maintenance

  • Prior to the start of practice, volunteers are requested to help with laying out and painting the lines for the fields, assembling the goals and nets, and putting together team equipment bags.
  • No special registration or training is required to help with this effort.
  • The more volunteers we have, the faster we get set up.
  • In addition to the initial field setup, it is necessary to re-paint the lines on a regular basis during the season.
  • Our Line Painting Coordinator will contact parents with information on the timing of In-Season Line Painting.

Coach's Meeting

  • Most coaches will hold a Coach's Meeting directly before the first practice of the season.
  • This is to set expectations for the season and to identify a Team Parent to help coordinate things like snacks.

Safety / Equipment

What to Bring to Every Practice / Game

  • Shin guards
    • EVERYONE MUST HAVE SHIN GUARDS or you won't be allowed to play.
    • Socks should be worn OVER shin guards.
  • Water Bottle with your child’s name on it.
  • Soccer Cleats or appropriate athletic shoes. No baseball cleats with the toe cleat.
  • Soccer Ball with your name on it
    • U7 / U9 - Ball Size 3
    • U11 / U13 - Ball Size 4
    • If you don't have a ball the coaches will have some available for practice nights.
  • Jewelry
    • NO jewelry is allowed including pierced earrings.
    • Taping ears with earrings in place is unacceptable at all times.

Shoe Swap

  • We have slightly used cleats available at the soccer shed.
  • If you need cleats see the Regional Commissioner at the soccer shed the first few days of practice.
  • If you have extra cleats you may donate them or exchange them.

Free Shorts

  • We have a limited supply of shorts available free of charge at the soccer shed.
  • Sizes and colors vary and will be distributed on a first come first serve basis.

Lost & Found

  • We have a growing number of items that have been left at the fields over the past few seasons.
  • If you are missing an item please swing by the shed.

Pet Policy

  • Per PVYS policy, dogs and other pets are are not allowed on or near the fields during practice or games.


  • Please do not park in the yards on the residential side of the road.
  • There are many parking spots in the library lot as well as the in the elementary school parking lot!
  • See the Fields Page for parking locations for our home field and also some away fields.

Field Layout

  • The Field Layout map will be available on the Fields Page, will be posted on the door of the soccer shed, and will be provided via email.
  • As long as you know your coach's name, you should be able to locate the correct field.


U7 Practice Overview

  • Monday & Wednesday
  • 1 Hour from 6:00pm to 7:00 pm
  • Games will eventually replace Wednesday practice.
  • U7 Parents are required to stay at each practice / game.

U9 | U11 | U13 Practice Overview

  • Monday & Wednesday for Rec teams
  • 1.5 Hours from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm or as daylight permits
  • (generally shortened to 7:00 pm during the Fall season)
  • If you are not planning to stay for practice, make sure your coach has a way to reach you in an emergency or if the weather quickly changes.
  • Please also make sure there are two coaches before you leave.
  • With work schedules, sometimes both coaches cannot be at a practice and two adults MUST be with the team at all times!


See Posted Schedules for an overall season schedule.
  • U7 - Length 20 Minutes (Four 5 Minute Quarters or two 10 minute halves) - 3v3 No Goalies - Size 3 Ball
  • U9 - Length 40 Minutes (Two 20 minute halves or four 10 Minute Quarters) - 5v5 With Goalies - Size 3 Ball
  • U11 - Length 50 Minutes (Two 25 minute halves) - 7v7 With Goalies - Size 4 Ball
  • U13 - Length 60 Minutes (Two 30 minute halves) - 9v9 With Goalies - Size 4 Ball
  • U15 - Length 70 Minutes (Two 35 minute halves) - 11v11 With Goalies - Size 5 Ball
  • U19 - Length 90 Minutes (Two 45 minute halves) - 11v11 With Goalies - Size 5 Ball

U10 / U11 - Build Out Line

The purpose of the build-out line is to allow goalkeepers and defenders more time to control the ball before being pressured from opposing players; to play the ball without pressure and confidently play out of the back.

The build-out line is used at U11 games ONLY. These build-out line rules lead to another rule update in an effort to encourage ‘building play out of the back’ – goalkeepers are no longer permitted to punt the ball.

Coaches (NOT OFFICIALS) should address players who are slow to retreat, or the referee can issue misconduct if necessary.


PA West - 10-Under Build Out Line Practical Application For Coaches & Referees (.pdf)

Weather Cancellations

  • You may play in light rain - this is at the coach’s discretion.
  • The board will cancel all events if there is heavy downpours or thunder/lightning.
  • If there is any thunder or lightning EVERYONE must clear the fields IMMEDIATELY and remain off fields until 30 minutes after the last thunder/lightning.
  • Parents make sure the coaches and the Registrar have your correct email address as this is the best way to contact you of any last minute changes.
  • An email blast will be sent out if there are any cancellations, so please, if in doubt, check your email.

Rec Program Game Locations

U7 Travel Overview

  • All games are played on Penns Valley Youth Soccer Fields.

U9 | U11 | U13 Rec Divisions Travel Overview

  • There may be some travel involved for regular games and tournaments.
  • See the Posted Schedules to determine the location of your game.
  • See the Fields Page for locations of away fields.


  • A date or dates will be scheduled as picture day where team and individual photos will be taken by a professional photographer and made available for purchase.
  • See the Pictures Page for the date and time of your team's picture day.


  • Each season, Penns Valley Youth Soccer organizes one or more fundraisers.
  • See the Fundraisers Page for more information.


  • From time to time, Penns Valley Youth Soccer will provide information on Soccer Camps being held by external organizations.
  • See the Camps Page for more information on upcoming opportunities for your child to play more soccer.


  • Penns Valley Youth Soccer believes that your feedback will make us better.
  • We use surveys to capture information on topics of interest to the board.
  • Results of these surveys are reviewed and discussed during board meetings.
  • See the Surveys Page to see what surveys are currently active.

Board Members / Board Meetings

  • See the Contacts Page for a list of board positions and current appointees.
  • All board meetings are open to the public (no children, please).
  • The Regional Commissioner will send an email notification with date, time and place of each Board Meeting.

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